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Anonymous sent: I wish you were my teeth so I could grind you all night

thank you anonymous friend me too

Anonymous sent: I'd rather do you than my homework for 6 hours every night

thank you anonymous friend


"good" idol anime honestly really does vary between people tho. some people love aikatsu and love live but hate im@s, some people love wug and akb but hate love live, some people strictly only like one series and will shit on others

hell theres people in the im@s fandom that will reject ML and CGs existence at all because they think its stupid and i have no doubt that theres love live fans that think the sif girls are a waste and that theres aikatsu fans that will HATE that theres going to be a new cast for season 3

personally i honestly think people should watch what they like but honestly for some people idol anime really does help them through stuff (like when im down personally, i love listening to music from the idol series i like) and i honestly DO think that some series are for people with different tastes (i,e wug is probably more for mature viewers and aikatsu is definitely for children) so idk

tldr i personally do not love every idol anime but i certainly do appreciate them unless they are gross but thats just my onion!!

 ok cool so we basically agree that all idol anime is trash right

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